Posted by Claudia Fontana on Aug 01 2015 at 05:00PM PDT

 If you haven't heard the Independence Pickleball courts are 98% complete and playable.

Only the dividing net is waiting to be installed. CAUTION!.. The temporary dividers are not stable .. Play is at your own risk. Play with safety in mind, ALWAYS!

Our Sunday group was pleasantly surprised to just walk up and JUST PLAY. No nets to set up.. NICE!.

A HUGE thanks to the City of Independence and the Rec maintenance dept. HUGE kudos to Laura who volunteered

countless hours to assist in this project.

Literally our blood, sweat and patience was left on the court.

I hope you have a chance to come and play during our sessions.

With that being said.. During our scheduled sessions we will be following several procedures to KEEP the flow of the game and to continue to grow our sport.

So here are some basic rules and regulations we ask you to follow during scheduled play times at this facility. They are ALSO posted on the fence near the gate.

This is and has been very exciting to come to our community. I STRONGLY urge you to write the community leaders for making this happen. Tom Walchanowicz, the Rec. Director was the go to man to help get these courts to happen. If you write city hall be sure to mention his name for his help, guidance and vision to see that Pickleball is here to stay in Independence. The $.50 stamp will go a long way for a small thanks


Tom Walchanowicz   Recreation Director

6363 Selig Drive, Independence, OH 44131

Phone: (216) 524-3262   Fax: (216) 524-8704


ATT: Tom Walchanowicz and/or Mayor Gregory Kurtz


Every city facility runs their program differently. We ask that you follow our rules at our facility. Respect the rules and less problems will occur. Pickleball is constantly evolving around the country. We want a family friendly environment. These sessions are approved by the city and will be followed.



1. SAFETY FIRST. Participants shall wear comfortable appropriately fitting clothing, wear non marking court shoes, wear sunscreen when appropriate and have a personal supply of water for use to stay hydrated.

2. During scheduled OPEN play sessions: ALL players in attendance will participate in group rotation. Mixed level groupings. No private group play session during these times.

PADDLE PILE UP ROTATION: Place your paddle at the bottom of the pile when you come off the court. If you choose to skip a rotation when your paddle comes to the top of the pile your paddle will be placed at the bottom of the pile. Sessions are for fun, socialization and personal challenge. BE READY TO ROTATE IN when a court ends play and 2-3 or 4 players are called to come onto a court. If you win THREE games in a row on your court, you must sit out your next game. There should be a MINIMUM of TWO players in waiting for rotation. IF NOT adjust the number of courts being played on. This allows for fair rotation and mixing.

3. Enter/Exit along the fence end-line of play, during a dead ball situation. Refrain from crossing behind any court during a rally. Go AROUND the outside of the fences when play is in session. Wait until a dead ball occurs before moving to the North or South side of the playing area. Refrain from interrupting play along the fence of courts 1 and 6 as well as between the Pickleball courts and the Tennis courts.

4. No profanity. This is a family friendly environment (4) Courteous play goes a long way.

5. All participants will have available their own marked (ID) pickleball during scheduled group play sessions.

6. All chairs, personal equipment and spectators must remain outside the fenced playing area when games have started.

7. Give a loud verbal warning when balls enter other courts. example "BALL, BALL"

8. Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. No complaining, criticizing, or condemning or you will be asked to leave.

9. Become familiar with the USAPA rules and regulation of play. (USAPA.ORG)

10. Play hard and play fair. If you don't know a procedures ASK!


Lower level players should strongly consider playing and mastering their level before moving up to more competitive play.

 Thank you to all who make pickleball fun and exciting. Let's keep it that way.



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