1/2 Court singles or Texas Shootout

Posted by Claudia Fontana on Jan 18 2016 at 04:00PM PST

 A game with many names but still is a good workout if you don't have the full 4 some. This was suggested by another USAPA Ambassador. Try it is a fun game

Many people love 1/2 court singles as it allows 2 individual people to work on their "doubles" game. The only time I would play this is in a couple situations

a) I only was able to find one friend to play with

b) Group of 6 playing doubles.....instead of sitting and watching, play 1/2 court singles on a second court while the doubles game is happening.

Rules are pretty simple.....all shots must be played on half court....use chalk to draw a line down the middle of the kitchen or be slightly generous on class in the kitchen dinks. 

     Only variations I do know....switch halves of the court based on score, or stay on one side the entire game as it really doesn't matter too much (but, yes it does for Erne shots). 

It's fun, but can't really be played indoors at most places as court space is a rare commodity to begin with...have to maximize 4 people on a court in most situations. 


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