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Spirit of the Game

Posted by Claudia Fontana at Nov 25, 2014 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

Pickleball is becoming a wonderful experience for so many. Meeting new people and sharing a common interest or learning something new.

My mission at the Civic is to foster a social, spirited friendly competition where everyone is learning, working and enjoying a time of physical activity. Helping each other to continue to grow both in a healthy physical way or working on the stratigic mental aspect of the game.

The City of Independence has given us the opportunity to expand the game by opening the doors to welcome people from around the county to come and play.

Our courts are a little tight and the wall and curtain are close to the endline. Safety and consideration to style of play can be an issue at times..

Serving long or lobbing to the endline is legal but in order to keep a game active and fair for ALL.. TRY not to serve or lob deep consistantly in this tight setting. Cut throat play in a confined space is not only NOT in the spirit of the game but dangerous to those making the play on the ball here at the Civic Center.

Play hard and play fair. Understandable these are GREAT shots. Just remember don't do it here regularly. We want all to enjoy the game and keep it safe and friendly. 







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Posted by Claudia Fontana at Nov 9, 2014 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

WELCOME..newbies but oldies .. Rick, Jim and Chandran to the Indy Civic Center. Thanks for coming out to play at the Civic.

Great play and NO waiting. This group played 2+ hours continuously.. No waiting for court as we rotated around to get in a good work out.

Congrats to Chandran, who qualified for next years Senior Games Singles play in Pickleball. Be sure to give him a good work out as he prepares for this event.. WAY TO GO Chandran.

Sundays seem to be a good time to play. NO waiting for a court and we have four. So if you want to burn some calories and get some play time in before you cheer on the Brownies come and play with us.. You'll have plenty of time to get home.

Reminder non-residents and non Civic members must have a waiver on files as well as pay the daily rate at the door.



CHeck the calendar for times and dates.

For a more extensive WHERE TO PLAY? calendar. 

GO TO: and click on WHERE TO PLAY. 

While your there. Join to get the latest updates and GREAT INFO on your favorite game. 

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Posted by Claudia Fontana at Nov 9, 2014 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

What's the best time for you?

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First Tuesday of Play

Posted by Claudia Fontana at Nov 3, 2014 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

After the shock on Monday of the court lines being picked up after we put them down on Thursday passed through my system, Tuesday was great.

Well, I went in to redo the 2 courts in the morning and had time to do 2 more. So we have 4 courts if we have over flow and when the OPEN gym gang is not heavily attended.

That evening a few FINE players came and we played for 2 hours solid. 7pm- 9pm. Great work out.. 

  4 play dates - 4 courts - 4 dollars..

Best deal in town.. COME join the fun and hope to see some of you on Thurs. Mornings as well as Sunday.

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Posted by Claudia Fontana at Nov 2, 2014 4:00PM PST ( 0 Comments )

Wow!.. What a nice turn out.. Lot's of NEW beginner players and new players to the Independence fall/winter play. Welcome to the Brecksville regulars.. You guys are stars to look out for.

So glad you all could come..  SORRY for the inconvience tonight. I was so surprised as was the Director, when I walked into the gym and the courts that took 3 hours to lay down were pulled up by the halloween ghosts.

I was so upset. But everyone pitched in and helped to get us back up to get some play time in. 

I will be working to get them and possible more courts laid down.. We have to work around the existing city schedule but  we will be playing.

 Just a reminder.

If you win your game you stay on the court you won on, but you and your partner split and play a new set of people.

Everyone needs a chance to play so we must share the court equally and wait your turn.  If you lose you are asked to sit out and wait until the next court is available. Please be conciderate of those who are waiting for their turn to play. Everyone wants to be on the court but we must practice patience. I will try to direct the court play and switches as much as possible. We are working on a better plan to keep the organization of play and switching courts fair for all.

Also remember if you are a beginner you may want to practice with players of the same level until you feel as though you can move up to higher level play. If you are not sure of your level please ask me and I will give you a fair professional evaluation. See the attached handout for more details on rankings. IF you are still asking questions about the rules you should probably stay at a 2.0 or lower play.

IF you are new to the game , I suggest you spend some time online to watch the game in action at  You can learn a lot by watching the best players from around the country play onthe videos as well as get the newsletter of tips when you join USPA. Also subscribe to you'll get great news and tips in your email.